Martin & Co

As with many stories, though, the start of ours is a humble one. In 1993, our chairman Richard Martin was on holiday in Portugal when he started reading a book about McDonald's, the most famous franchise in the world. After completing it he realised that the best way to forge a successful franchise brand was to depend upon rigid consistency. Richard envisioned a nationwide network of offices under one brand. They would all operate to the same quality standards, but also be independently-run by estate agents with expert knowledge of their local market - a recipe for success.

So, after eight years in trading, Richard set up Martin & Co as a franchise, and the company has been constantly growing ever since. Since our first office opened in 1995 we have proven our worth as a system by twice winning Franchise of the Year (2008/2011). In 2011, Martin & Co celebrated 25 years in lettings and estate agency, and in 2013 we began trading on AIM.